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The short answer is “No”. Eggs are laid with a natural coating on the shell that is applied as the last step in the laying process called the “bloom” or sometimes the “cuticle”. This coating is the first line of defense in keeping air and bacteria out of the egg. Since eggshells are porous, if you wash your eggs as soon as you collect them, you are removing that natural barrier.

Graviola and Soursop are the same plant by different names

Treating Cancer



According to a study conducted by experts from Purdue University in the United States stated that this soursop leaf content is very good for the treatment of various diseases, especially cancer. In the study proves that soursop leaves can inhibit cancer cell growth. Some types of cancer that can be treated are breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and 12 other types of cancer.


The procedure to make it is:  take old soursop leaves and boil with 3 cups of water. Leave until remaining one cup of water, drink 2 times a day for 2 weeks.



Treating Uric Acid



Soursop leaves can also be used as a cure of gout. Many alternative medicines use soursop leaves for the treatment of gout. The procedure to make it is: take 6-10 old soursop leaves but still green then wash cleanly. Furthermore cut soursop leaves with the aim of ensuring the content in the leaves right out. Boil the leaves with 2 cups of water. Simmer until remaining 1 cup of water. Drink the concoction twice a day in the morning and evening.



Benefits of Soursop Leaves for treating Back Pain.



If you have any problems with your waist, try to make a potion of soursop leaves. Take 20 pieces soursop leaves and boil with 5 cups of water. Allow to boil and the remaining 3 cups. Drink this mixture ¾ cup once a day click to read.



Soursop leaves Helping The Immune System and Preventing Infections.



The content in soursop leaves is believed to boost the immune system and prevent infection in the body. The procedure is: prepare 4/5 soursop leaves, boil with 4 cups of water and then simmer until the remaining 1 cup. Drink once a day.



Benefits of Soursop Leaves for treating Eczema and Rheumatism.



Mash until smooth soursop leaves and apply on the body that feels pain or pain due to arthritis or eczema regular twice a day.



Benefits of Soursop Leaf to Treat Ulcers.



Pick young soursop leaf and stick it on the body affected by ulcers.



Those are some of the benefits of soursop leaves that you can make reference to traditional medicine.



Efficacy of Soursop Leaf Extract For Health



Soursop leaf extract can help to tackle cancer besides also able to maintain a healthy body from various health problems.

What are the benefits of soursop leaf extract for health? Here’s more:



Antibacterial:To Inhibit bacterial growth

Antiviruses: To pursue the development of virus

Anticancer: To Inhibit cancer development

Antitumor: To Inhibit tumor growth

Antiparasitic: To Inhibit parasite development

Antimalarials: Antimalarials

Antileishmania: Antileishmania

Antispasmodic: Substance that can relax smooth muscle

Antikonfulsan: anticonvulsants

Astrigen: Substances that wrinkle / shrink mucous membranes

Antimutagenic: Substances that are inhibiting gene mutation

Analgesic: Substances that can relieve pain / ache

Anti-inflammatory: Substances that suppress inflammation

Febrifuge: Substances that lower fever

Hypotensive: Substances that are lowering blood pressure

Hypoglycemic: Substances that are lowering blood sugar levels

Nervin: To strengthen nerve / nerve tonic

Kardiodepresan: Pressing cardiac activity

Galactogogue: Substances that can increase breast milk production

Sedatives: Substances that are soothing

Stomakik: Substance that strengthens the stomach and increase appetite

Vasodilators: Substances that dilate blood vessels are

Vermifuge: Substances that can kill intestinal worms

Diuretics: The emetic of aurine

Tranquilizers: Substances that are soothing


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