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This is about the online store “Live Your Life Organic”

Yes, you have it right a 100% organic web food store. We sell retail as well as wholesale.

All our Products are Permaculture sourced

We offer tips and recipes for making amazing food and living organic.

Below is the story of how these lovely products and recipes came to be.

Many years ago, a friend of mine returned to Panama. After living and working in the United States he decided it was time to return to the place of his birth. A convert vegan he had already visited the Caribbean and had been mesmerized by the astounding natural beauty of the region.

He decided to search in Panama because of its rich flora and fauna yet unpretentious and simple life.

Some years later and after endless walks in the jungle and unconquered territory. My good friend called affectionately Dr. Joe eventually acquired land on the pacific Island of Cebaco.  A pristine national park surrounded by dolphins and all kinds of tropical marine life.


“If a coconut doesn’t grow there, then I can’t live there”

– Dr. Joe

This is where he built his first fruit forest. A mixture of exotic fruit trees; mangosteen, guava, soursop, pineapples, star fruit, bananas, coconuts are abundant on the land. Dr. Joe has a saying “If a coconut doesn’t grow there, then I can’t live there!”  the coconut being the ultimate body cleanser.

It was on my visit to the island that I saw these beautiful vistas and after detoxing for a week there on rum and fresh coconut water. Eating healthy and by healthy I mean no meat, only fish and lobster grilled or fried in coconut. All this with Dr. Joe’s delicious recipes of Soya cooked in a style like no other, rejuvenated and detoxed with Moringa tea.

I lost 3 kilos in two weeks


My daily ritual of eating with coconut oil. I lost 3 kilos in two weeks. I cut out all the processed junk food. I recommend this to anyone who wants to treat their body. There’s only so long you can fill your body with junk food before it starts showing signs of wear and tear.

Being a part of this I was delighted with all I had experienced on the Island and the changes Mentally and physically were obvious. Upon returning to Europe and our dreary dairy and processed grain based diets, I was accosted by numerous friends who remarked on these changes and the requests for advice and products has brought us to this quest. How to share this simple discovery with the people around me? My Journey to bring these items to you has given me a fantastic adventure with Dr. Joe.

Now set with building a coconut oil factory on an island that the locals can also use thus creating a fair trade business within the island was fun and deeply satisfying also. Helping people on an island that have no real form of income.

Here is your chance. Feel the Island and tropics with every product in this online store. Come and join us on our journey of self-awareness and self-preservation.

Order now to start feeling better and …well “Live Your Live Organic!

Living Organic in this modern world is something you have to work at , We aim to make it easier for you."
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We are an online store however if you find your self in Panama please feel free to visit our farm. We would love to show you around.


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